Johnson Society website and logo

August 2015

I was very pleased to be asked to submit a proposal to update the Johnson Society website in 2014. It needed to be in keeping with the style of the Transactions and my design was in its third year of annual publication at that point (see the Designing for the Johnson Society post. The new site uses the WordpressTriton Lite theme with extra customisation. Again I've taken the original dictionary book plate as the main influence - adapting it to be the main website header.


It is a clean and simple layout. The page divider, reworked from a section of the geometric pattern tooled on the back cover of the original dictionary, appears at the bottom of the Transactions pages, and animated gifs of Johnsonian quotations are the illustration at the bottom of the main pages. I chose the calligraphic Edwardian Script (nearly Georgian) for its flourishes and artistic appeal.

Samuel Johnson quotation gif

I used the Wordpress platform to help the society gain ownership of their site while ensuring security updates and technical support would not be a problem. You can view other workspace website work here.

Marketing materials were then discussed, and a need was identified for a society logo to add to leaflets and posters. A logo as letterhead and footer for emails needed to be a simple solution. It would often need to be printed off by members of the society on inkjet printers, so small size and use of one colour were appropriate. I looked back at the design elements in the publication again, and worked through several combinations, until I arrived at this:

Lichfield Johnson Society logo

A roller banner now promotes Society membership, which I have designed to support the style of the new logo, whereas the design for the new membership leaflet and bookmarks reflects the cover design of the Transactions.